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Read what some of our clients have said about us:

Ramon M. - February 22, 2012

James McGuire's Jewelers is the BEST! Most local jewelers do not have the technology to do everything: repair, design, cast and set, but McGuire's Jewelers does. 

Nearly one-third of the jewelery on display is original, created by Jim. Not only is the merchandise excellently manufactured, but the entire inventory is exquisite, ranging from popular engagement settings, to vintage and Native-crafted pieces, to custom work that Jim designs. Jim does everything on site. I had two custom rings CREATED from gold that I owned; one was an engagement ring. In each case Jim either hand crafted the piece from a piece of block wax or developed the wax piece using a computer aided drafting tool, which I then approved for him to make the mold and cast . He is both artistically and technically mastered in the art of jewelery design and is always wanting to address every need.

Andrea is the sweetest lady. She was ready to assist me with every dream imaginable. She always promptly answered the phone and always returned a missed call. 

On top of it all, James was there from the beginning; his father was one of the first jewelery supply owners in Tucson; he carries on the tradition and exceeded my expectations of service. You know Jame's McGuire's Jewelers is the boss of jewelers when other jewelers refer business to them.

Custom Ring Beginning Process Custom Ring for Mr. Ramon M.

Hazel K. - March 6, 2012

After many years, I finally decided to sell or trade all the rings I didn't wear or that didn't fit for a few I really liked. After an exhaustive search (on line and in stores) I visited James McGuire's Jewelers. I was excited to see such range of original pieces all expertly crafted and incredibly beautiful! Upon meeting with Jim, I learned that he would help me design my own rings as well as melt the others to use toward materials and payment. I now have three new rings, each of which exceeded my expectations. Consequently, I have preliminary designs for three more rings. My sister from Albuquerque met with Jim to discuss repairs to some antique pieces that none of the jewelers in her area were willing to work on. Jim is doing this for her and also selecting new stones for two antique ring settings.......happiness.




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